Wednesday, January 1, 2014

For Clara

This post is for my friend, Clara, per her request, and I can't think of a better way to start the New Year  :)

Another great thought provoking post, Sadie.  (May I suggest lighthearted fluffy bunnies for the next one, lol?)

Happy New Year,


Oh, before I go, J wanted me to show you the other Christmas gift he made for me..........

and the flip side

I got my first spanking (good girl) of the New Year with it this morning.  As he was spanking me, J declared 2014 the Year of Submission.

And back to reality it is........

Hope this post put a lighthearted smile on your face and in your heart, Clara!


  1. To the blog with no name. It seems by your first entry of the NEW YEAR 2014. Lots of Love,, and Lots of Spankings, makes your life Happy. So be it. May these two wishes of yours be forever yours in your future.

  2. I love this, Sadie. And what a way to ring in the new year! That made me giggle!!

  3. ROFL, thanks Sadie! You certainly did put a light-hearted smile on my face! Gotta love the GG spanking Bugs is giving ;)

    Thanks again my friend. Love, Clara

  4. Well it certainly made me giggle! Great job on the paddle by the way. How was it? Or
    dare I ask?

    Happy New Year :D

  5. Aww...I'm glad this made Clara smile!