Thursday, November 21, 2013

Did I Just Say the 'M' Word?

Last night, in the quiet of our basement, just as I was getting ready to log on to the computer, and J was watching TV.......

Darling, why don't you go upstairs and give C (our youngest child) her medicine so she can go to bed?

OHHH.....I was hoping YOU would do that.........I just got all comfy down here....made this cup of tea and everything......

It's an exercise.

(Hmmm.....I asked the man to come up with submission exercises, but this isn't necessarily what I had in mind.....especially when I was just getting ready to settle down at the computer all nice and cozy in my robe with my cup of tea.....)

No it's not....c' can't do that!

Yes I can.  Now get going.

Anything else?

Yes.  You can say, "Yes, Master".

What?  You're kidding, right?

No, I'm not.

Well, what if I give her the medicine, but don't say "Yes, Master"?

You need to do both.

Let me get this straight.  If I don't say "Yes, Master", there will be a discipline spanking? 

(What J didn't know was that I was secretly hoping that he would say "yes".  My mind was saying "Don't let me off the hook!")

(Ponder, ponder, think think. I know I just wrote a post on needing a hard spanking, but suddenly the idea of one was not what I wanted at the time, because it would HURT, know what I mean?)

Okay, I'll say it.

Yes, Master.

Thank you, my dear.

Three guesses who bounded happily up the stairs.........


  1. Who told him he could THINK on his own???? LOL. You are a better woman than I. I would have such a difficult time saying that. I guess I would- and I still think that a spanking under those circumstances, blatantly breaking a rule, is probably not the kind you would have wanted in the long run. Why? Because you would have been in control. Also testing the boundaries when you are trying to build is never a great idea. TEMPTING but never a great idea.

  2. I know, right? What makes him think he can tell me what to do and expect I'll do it?

    Nah, I am not a better woman, it's just exactly as you said....I did not want the control. The other thing that made it easier is that I knew J wasn't serious about the need/desire to be called 'Master'. It was kinda like a joke wrapped up in some no-joke HOH business. Lemme explain:

    Any other time J mentioned calling him Master was when we were joking and fooling around. I'd get playful swats and eventually playfully relent.

    I think what he did this time was when I started to get whiny when asked to go upstairs, he upped the ante by throwing in the "Yes, Master." Not sure if he was joking, I asked. He decided to use it as part of the submission exercise, and it worked!

  3. I'm so glad that your hubby responded to your request for submission exercises, and then didn't let you off the hook! yay for you! And yay for you for submitting to him too!
    :) Cali

    1. Thank you, Cali. It turned out to be a really good day, after all :)

  4. LOL, MM makes me say "sir" every once in a while. Once I refused and he chased me around the house. He won. :)

  5. Chuckle!

    As Charming Sadie skipped back downstairs, she called out to J, "Daughter is properly medicated and tucked into bed, Master Darling, and guess what? I'm so glad I avoided discipline that it made me all ready for a good girl spanking!"

    Hmm... Is that honest, devious, or deviously honest? Maybe d) All of the above.

    1. Um, yes -- that's precisely what happened! What's that they say about life imitating fiction?

      I like your version better ;)